Rebel 101

Half and full day high energy workshops with teams: 

  • Why Rebel talent is needed more than ever in business
  • How do adopt and support a business Rebel mindset
  • Tools for covert experimentation and big impact
  • Key insights and practices uncovered during visits to some of the most innovative start-ups in the UK and the US. 


Speeches that inject start-up energy and rebel thinking into any event. 25 years of war stories and start-up stimulus to get you thinking. 



A 2.5 day intensive training for your Rebels-with-potential to equip them with the tools, behaviours and experience to think and act like a start-up inside your business.

A powerful learn-do combination, using live briefs from your business and external perspectives from other start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Equipped to:

  • Adopt and work with a Rebel mindset
  • Create focus, creative constraint and urgency within a team to make things happen  
  • Spot and build ideas that challenge the status quo
  • Create simple and powerful 'hands on' prototypes to experiment with
  • Create a VC ready 'pitch' to convince others to invest and support Rebel ideas.